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Sustainability is key for the next generations living on this planet - We should all do our part in helping create a more

eco-friendly environment. 


I came up with a concept of presenting how ibiza is abused by the masses with careless dumping. I showcased this by using up cycled plastic from the beach as props in our editorial. The aim of the shoot is to captivate a mass audience to trigger some sort of change - not only on the island or the hair/beauty and fashion industry but the whole planet. 

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Go Green

I contacted a team of like minded souls to collaborate on this idea - we wanted to highlight and encourage how we all can make simple changes in our everyday lives to reduce our fashion footprint and in turn allowing our beautiful island to return to its natural state, as well as reaching a broader audience internationally. 


There is a significant lack of knowledge represented in the mainstream media. Mass recycling has become a lacklustre excuse for many people to feel they are doing enough. We can do more! The purpose of this shoot was to show just that - by creating a new conscious platform of creatives to continually lead the way forward. 

My vision is to always collaborate with creative minds and passionate souls already established on the island, who share the same ideologies - to keep the sustainable, go green journey evolving here on Ibiza. We are here to spread change through knowledge of biodegradable resources, plastic pollution and the effects of this. 

It is now cooler and trendier to be eco-friendly and forward thinking when it comes to our planet. This can be seen by the younger generations of our future adults who are a key audience of influence to the online world! I believe the fashion industry is a power house which sets the trend, through this I want to create a new conscious platform of creatives to continually lead the way forward. 


I will continue to advance my knowledge and to blog my experiences and connect you all to like minded souls on this platform. I will be connecting you all with people from the island and adding links to profiles, shops & people as I go along, so keep engaged. 


Below are some tips & links to knowledge on how to become more sustainable in Ibiza - I have personally collected along the way.

A small step goes a long way!

Independent  clothing brands

Vintage clothing

The use of vintage & up-cycled clothing rather than quick purchases that have no longevity reduces our impact on the planet and minimalise / zero out the waste.


There’s a huge lack of representation of which eco & recyclable products are available to stylists and artists. See here for ways to be more eco-conscious on set.

  • Biodegradable make-up wipes

  • Plastic free alternatives i.e bamboo cotton buds, also biodegradable

  • Hemp organic facial rounds, a washable and therefore reusable alternative to single us cotton pads, reducing waste

  • Zero waste beauty companies for make-up and essential kit items 

Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 10.05.02.png

Bio Organic 

Bio organic shops already exist on the island, we can refer to these,  such as Veritas of Eivissa Town. They offer a huge range of bio and organic products, including toiletries - Bio Wipes / Tissues / Eco friendly cotton wool / Paper Stem cotton buds as well as incredible organic food sourced sustainably.


Opposed to running to local supermarkets for over packaged food and drink items for the day we can encourage the use of our local businesses who provide the eco approach we support. This is also great for localised business instead of supporting globalised companies doing little to zero for our environment.

Screenshot 2022-04-22 at

Bio Organic

What I love about this brand of shops on the island is the in-house recycling, buying food within glass jars which can be returned for them to re-use. They encourage this through offering a Euro back for every jar returned.

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